Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Whacky Birthday Cake Ideas!!

Today I thought of sharing some whacky Birthday Cake Ideas. How about having a birthday cake with a whimsical underwater scene? Decorating it in one swish of a mermaid's tail would be something like this.


1 baked 13" x 9" x 2" cake
2 to 3 cups blue icing
Green apple Sour Belts
Blue and/or green fruit leather
Candy rocks
Candy seashells
Gummy sea creatures, such as fish, sharks, and octopuses

Mini Swedish fish
Sour tropical fish

• Frost the cake with the icing.
• To create plants, roll or twist various lengths of sour belts and fruit leather before placing them on the cake.
• Place candy rocks and seashells along the bottom.
• Finish off your underwater scene by arranging schools of gummy fish, sharks, and other deep-sea dwellers.

Your birthday cake is ready now. Enjoy!!

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