Thursday, March 29, 2007

Birthday cards just for her!!

Your beloved's Birthday is a time for a special celebration... Here's a set of warm, cute, funny, animated and free greetings to choose from... So find an ecard that is just right for the 'love of your life', one that'll make her feel special.

With Lots Of Love ! Make her feel extra-special with this beautiful wish

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A Sizzling B'day Kiss ! Send a B'day kiss to your sweetheart with this ecard.

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You Light Up My Life... Tell your honey 'watt' she means to you with this ecard

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Birthday Games I love!!

Birthday Party’s can never be fun without games. They make the party more fun, exciting and enjoyable. Here’s a list of five games that I have always enjoyed playing and feel that these games help you get friendlier with the acquaintances in the party and takes the shy you away in an instance.

At the party some girls secretly fill in the questionnaires. In these questionnaires the girls indicate their distinctive marks: height, color of the eyes, dress cut, jewelries. The leader put all these cards into the box. In the pauses between the dances the leader asks the most attentive youths to act as Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot - to find a girl with help of the description given in the card. The youths take the cards and begin to search for the girls. The youth who finds the girl the first is the winner. Then the youths have a dance with the girls they have found.

Improvised Congratulations:
How can you imagine the birthday party without the funny and witty congratulations? Bring some happiness to one whose birthday it is - compose an improvised congratulation. The guests may compose it without difficulty. Ask every guest to say an adjective. Write down all these adjectives. Then take a text of the telegram of congratulation, which needs colorful additions. Say to the guests that you're not responsible for the high artistic merit of this "work of art" and fill in the blanks in this telegram with the adjectives suggested by the guests.
Sample text of the telegram:
… John! All of us - your … friends - are very glad that you (so…) were born on this … day! Taking a … opportunity we want to make a declaration of … love and … devotion. There are no very many people so … like you. Let's hope that our … life will not separate us and every ... year on this … day we'll gather together around this … table. We wish you … health, … happiness, … years of life! Your … friends.

Each player is given a pencil and a long stripe of paper, where he/she writes the name of any present person. Then the paper should be folded (so as the name cannot be seen) and passed to the player to his/her right. He/she describes anyone's appearance and passes the paper further. In the same way may be asked the following questions: - what kind of character? - What did he/she do? - When? - Where? - What were the consequences? Of course, nobody should know what is written before, while answering. As each paper passed around the circle, one person reads aloud what is written on these stripes of paper. Usually it causes much laughter, because there is a lot of absurdity

The youths are given the cards with the figures. The girls are given the cards with the letters. All the players get into a circle. They choose the leader. The leader is not given a card. He is in the center of the circle. The leader names the figure and the letter. The girl whose letter was named must kiss the leader. But it's not easy! Because the youth whose figure was named tries to prevent the girl from kissing the leader. He tries to kiss the girl himself. If the youth manages to prevent the girl from kissing the leader, he gives the card to the leader and becomes the leader himself.

Treasure Hunt:
This is usually fun for the kids but it can get exciting with the adults too. You hide an object. And then divide the players into two groups. You give five clues to find the treasure. The team which gets to it first is the winner. The game gets interesting depending on how intriguing and imaginative clue that you give is. One clue leads to the other one. Its fun watching them for it also!!

It would be great if you just share some of the party ideas so that next I plan a party I can include them all. Hope you enjoy all your parties and not forget to wish them all and come back to share with me some of your most exciting moments.

Have Fun!!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Birthday Cakes!!

What makes a Birthday Cake so delightful? Is it the shine of the candles in a darkened room? The complementary theme song? The Birthday wish? Yes, all that together makes the Birthday cake so special. But along with all these, what makes a perfect Birthday is the flavor and emergence of the Birthday cake.

Birthday cakes usually depend on the theme of the Birthday party . A Birthday cake in Western countries is usually a pastry or a dessert or anything sweet which is decked with lighted candles and the person’s name followed by a little wish is served to the honored person.

Cutting of the Birthday cake is a custom followed by people all over the world. It is traditionally performed at the beginning of the party and adds a glee to the entire ceremony as well as makes the honored person happy. A belief is there in the cutting of the cake rite. The birthday boy or the Birthday girl makes a silent wish and then blows out the candles decorated on the cake. If all the candles can be blown out with one breath then it is believed that the desired wish will come true but in some cases when the honored person fails to perform the act, he never quits expecting that his wish will be fulfilled.

Sponge cakes are one of the most favored food on Birthdays and Chocolate is the popular flavor. Sponge cake is basically a soft cake made of wheat flour, sugar, baking powder and eggs. It is made by beating the egg yolk with castor sugar until they are light and creamy, then carefully separating and folding the flour and raising agent into the mix. Finally the egg whites are whipped in a separate bowl until firm and then carefully folded into the yolk mixture.

Alternatively, the whole eggs are whisked together with the sugar either in an electric mixture or over a pan of simmering water. When the mixture has thickened sufficiently the flour is folded in. The combined mixture then poured into the chosen cake tin and baked.

Chocolate is the most popular and most wanted essence and it is available in many types. Some of them are: Unsweetened Chocolate which is also known as bitter chocolate- it is pure chocolate liquor, Dark Chocolate- it has no milk in it, sometimes it is called as plain chocolate, Milk Chocolate- it is made up of milk powder or condensed milk, Semisweet Chocolate- it is dark chocolate with high sugar content and usually used for cooking purposes, Bittersweet Chocolate- a chocolate liquor consists of sugar, more cocoa butter, lecithin and vanilla. It tastes less sweet than semisweet chocolate, Couverture- this is very rich in cocoa butter and often used by the professional pastry chefs, White Chocolate- confection based on cocoa butter without cocoa solids. These are some of the well known chocolate varieties typically used on sponge cakes to add to its spice.

Flavors such as mint, orange or strawberry are sometimes added to the cake.

The birthday cake should be prepared in accordance with the age of the birthday boy or birthday girl and the invitees. It should be fused with the theme of the party. Commensurate the shape and essence of the cake applying the listed flavors and watch your party mood beaming with joy.

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Belated Happy Birthday!!

Belated birthday wishes, though it comes in a li’l late but is still much awaited and special at times!! May be sometime you tend to get a li’l upset as you expect your loved ones to remember you on your special days. But life’s tough, so much commitments to keep and many more to forget!! To expect something in itself is a big expectation!! And if you genuinely forget to wish someone on their Birthday you can call up to say sorry, and your friends are bound to forget and forgive coz that’s what friends are for!!

But I guess remembering someone’s Birthday isn’t that difficult anymore, especially with the new attributes like Birthday Reminders launched by various websites. Once
you enter the name and date of birth, the mails keep flowing to your mail boxes each day reminding you that you need to wish that special person today!! These have made our lives so much easier. You can also maintain your own li’l calendar which you check each morning!!

A way to get away from all misunderstandings and unpleasant feelings is the e cards, just a click away. When you are too busy to lift your phone, they are the best possible solutions. They come real handy. That’s my secret of keeping in touch!!

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Birthday wishes for the twins!!

Whether they are two peas in a pod or are exactly the opposite, Twins bring double the joy and laughter into our lives. So send a two-rrific Twins Birthday ecards and wishes to your twin kids, friends, family or loved ones!

A Very Very Happy B'day ! For your kids/ grandkids/ loved ones

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A Two-In-One Wish... For your friend's/ dear one's big day

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Gifts for Girls!!

Sweet 16... dreams come true, a driver's license, some cool fun... a 16th Birthday means a lot of things ! So take your pick from these well-animated ecards and wish 'em a great time on their Big day, 'coz it's sure to make 'em feel special!

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And if you are thinking what would be an ideal gift for the one going on sixteen, you can jolly take a peek into these gift ideas and choose the best and the most well suited.

Pink Pony Tennis Mini Tote Gift Set

Mini Tote Gift Set Exclusively through and Ralph Lauren stores. Ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of this item benefits the Pink Pony Fund for Cancer Care and Prevention, a worldwide philanthropic effort in the fight against cancer.

iPod nano 2GB - Silver

The all-new iPod nano features a new aluminum design in five colors, an incredible 24 hours of battery life and more than twice the music capacity for the same price as the previous generation.

The Freedom Writers Diary

The stunningly candid diary entries by students at Wilson High, in California--along with entries by their teacher, Erin Gruwell--are both inspiring and, at times, heart-breaking, as they present first-person accounts of difficult lives in the inner city. Starting in her first year as a teacher, and continuing over time, Gruwell made a difference in the lives of her at-risk students by...

Coachella - The Film

Documenting alternative rock's hottest festival, Coachella features interviews with such musical icons as Beck, Josh Homme, Mos Def, and Perry Farrell, plus performances from Morrissey, the Arcade Fire, Radiohead, and more. Director: Drew Thomas; Release Date: April 18, 2006

Karaoke cds for American Idol wannabe’s

Keep watching my space for gifts for boys on reaching sweet sixteen.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Birthdays!!

Hey, it's someone's Birthday... isn't it lovely to celebrate this day with a smiling sun overhead ? With all your love, wish the Birthday guy/ gal and wish him/ her a rockin' Birthday. Click on these beautiful Spring Birthday ecards and send them across to bring a smile on your loved one's face.

Birthday Trick Just For You ! Sprinkle joy and happiness in someone's day with this funky 'n tricky ecard

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Lotsa Sweet Surprises... Wish someone special with this sweet 'n cute ecard on his/ her Spring Birthday

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Famous Aries Celebrities!!

Impulsive and fiery, celebrities born under the sign of the Ram (typically March 21 to April 19) strive to be the first in whatever they do. Aries is the pioneer, the self-starter, the entrepreneur. Not content to wait for anyone, Aries acts first and thinks about it later -- without too much concern for the affect on others. These spring babies always bring tons of enthusiasm for life, though, and make great leaders. Just don’t try to get them to compromise!

Here are some of them:

You can send these lovely ecards to your favorite celebrities and also to your aries friends and loved ones to wish them a Happy Birthday.

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Birthday Videos !!

Turn Your Child's Party Video Into A Fun Music Video

Kid Birthday Party - Birthday Video

Most people shoot some random video of their child’s birthday party, then toss the video in a drawer and forget about it. Hey, I am talking about some precious video of an important event in your child’s life. So if you’re going to shoot some video of your child’s birthday party, why not turn that footage it into a video everyone will want to see?

With just a little planning you can turn your child’s birthday party video footage into a fun music video that’s sure to become a treasured family keepsake and heirloom.

Choose A Favorite Song

Before you shoot your video, choose the song you want to use for your completed music video. It can be one of your child’s favorites, or one that fits your party theme. Now you can shoot your video to go along with the music. Most songs are about 2 and a half minutes long which tells you how long your completed music video will be.

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10 Things You Need To Shoot

Putting up the decorations
Party guests arriving
Activities and crafts
Party Games
Bringing out the birthday cake
Opening cards and gifts
Finished decorations and balloons
Parents, brothers, sisters, family members and pets
Staged shots of your birthday child and guests being silly
Guests saying good-by and leaving
The birthday child’s parents collapsing on a chair after the party.
You may find other shots you want to include as well.
Fun Camera Angles
A series of short, fun shots will help make your music video more fun to watch. Try to make your shots at least 5 to 10 seconds in length; this will be very helpful when your footage is edited.
Stay away from using the zoom lens. Unless a zoom is done very well it tends to look amateurish.
Get lots of candid wide shots of your group.
Then move in and shoot medium shots with 2 or 3 people together.
Shoot close-ups of individual faces
Have fun by shooting some shots that are tilted to one side or stand on a chair and shoot down on the party. Put the camera on the floor and shoot up.
Editing Your Birthday Video - Music Video
If you have video editing software in your computer, you first need to digitize (transfer) the footage you’ve shot into the editing program. Then lay down your music track (the song you’ve selected).

Now start your music video with a simple but creative title like Mary’s 6th Birthday Party with a sub title related to your birthday theme like A Royal Celebration.
From the title you might want to use a fun wipe into your first shot. Try to keep your shots about 5 seconds long. That will keep the music video moving nicely without being too fast and visually annoying.
Also try to edit your footage together to tell the story of your party rather than just randomly mixing everything together.
Titles within your music video can also be fun. A title leading into some party game footage might read Extreame Musical Chairs or Time To Pop The Balloons.
As you edit your footage together, take a minute and preview the entire video from the beginning. This will help you to get a better feel for the overall pace. You might need to slow things down or speed then up. Check your video from the top when you have 30 seconds edited, 60 seconds edited and 90 seconds edited just to make sure the video is coming together the way you want it to.
Give yourself a little song time at the end to add your closing titles. Give yourself a screen credit, your party producer, and of course this video stars your birthday child.
At the very end of your credits you can have a little fun by cutting to one last silly shot.
If you don’t have access to a video editor, take a quick look at

Birthday Video - Music Video "World Premiere"

After you've edited your award winning music video together, it's time for your world premiere. Why not invite all your party guests and parents over for a private screening? Make some popcorn and have some fun.

Years From Now

Imagine years from now when you and your child sit down to watch this video together. You'll both be very happy you did something with all that precious video footage.
And as the years pass, your grandchildren might just get to see your treasured keepsake DVD from so many years ago... I wonder if they'll still call them "music videos?"

This is an amazing article that I found on the net while searching for Kid's Birthday party ideas. Just thought of shring it with you.

You can send these cards to your young friends now!!

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Birthday Candles!!

I love collecting candles. The fragrant ones are especially wonderful they just lighten up your mood whenever you feel the blues!! It makes a superb formal yet informal gift for all reasons and seasons for your friends, colleagues and neighbors and its specialty lies in its appeal to all ages. And when you think birthdays, can the candles be far behind? The candles have a long standing association with the Birthdays I’m sure. I can’t possibly remember a single birthday without a candle, could you think of one yourself too?? Not really I guess.

A peep into the history reveals that the tradition of placing candles on Birthday cake dates back to the Greeks, who used to put the lit up candles on cakes to make them glow like the moon. Greeks used to take the cake to the temple of Artemis-the Goddess of Moon. Some scholars say that candles were placed on the cake because people believe that the smoke of the candle carried their wishes and prayers to Gods who lived in the skies. Others believe that the custom originated in Germany where people used to place a large candle in the centre of the cake to symbolize ‘the light of life’.
In present times too, people place candles on Birthday cakes and a silent wish is made before blowing out the candle. It is believed that blowing out all candles in one breath means the wish will come true and the person with enjoy good luck in the coming year. Some also smear out the name of the person before slicing of the cake to bring good luck.

Wow!! Seems like a long chapter in history!! Well, here’s some cool stuff too.

You can personalize your candles according to your theme and wish. You get such loads of variety with jus a click on the web. You name it and they’ll have it made for you. You have numbered candles marking the age that you’ve attained like a five and a zero for fifty years and you also have the single candles for each age. For the kids, the candles can be made fun. These days you even have candle printers to print your images of your loved ones on them. Isn’t it amazing!!

Wish your friends, mom, dad, siblings, sweetheart, colleagues and loved ones, a very 'Happy Birthday' and shower them with loads of warm and loving wishes and a send them a collection of colorful, floral, vibrant Birthday greeting ecards with candles that's sure to brighten up their special day!

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patrick's Day Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

It's double the fun for a dear one who celebrates their Birthday’s on St. Patrick's Day. Planning a Birthday party on March 17th, would be a great idea for kids with party games, crafts, treats and a leprechaun movie with everyone going a li’l Irish!!

St. Patrick's Day Party Invitations

Cut Shamrock shapes with green cardstock paper. On one side of the shamrock write your message:
" Everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day!"
Add your party details on the other side. Attach a gold
foil- wrapped chocolate coin on the front of the shamrock invitation.
Tip: Use a shamrock cookie cutter to race your invitations.
Remind your guests to dress in green!

St. Patrick's Day Party Decorations

Of course the color scheme for this party will be green and white. But, you may also want add a rainbow or two. Decorate the room with green and white balloons, streamers etc. Hang paper shamrocks from the walls and ceilings. Enlist your kids help to make the shamrocks. They’ll enjoy participating in the preparations.
Dress up the table with a white table cloth. Scatter any of these items to make a festive table; paper shamrock's that the kids have created green sequins or curling ribbon, gold wrapped chocolate coins or kisses.

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An Irish Welcome

Upon arrival, magically transform each guest into a leprechaun
with a hat and a face painted shamrock or rainbow.
Tip: Enlist a friend or teenager for the face painting.
You'll need to be with the children.

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St. Patrick's Day Party Games and Activities for Kids

You can make crafts play games or watch a move. Consider the age
of the children, your party time and space while planning your party.

End of the Rainbow Treasure Hunt

Before the party make a rainbow using markers and poster paper.
Hide a pile of chocolate or plastic gold coins with the rainbow.
Create fun Irish clues that the children will use to find the rainbow.

Or even easier...hide the coins around the party area
and send the kids on a hunt.

Use a permanent marker to write a number on each coin. The number will correspond to a prize that the child can collect after the hunt is complete.
Prizes can be small such as candy bars, a box of Lucky Charms cereal, green bubble bath or nail polish from your local dollar store.

Pot Of Gold Coin Toss

Use a cast Iron or any black pot. Establish a reasonable distance from
the pot and tape a paper shamrock to the floor. The children will take
turns trying to toss the coins into the pot. A small prize such as a sticker,
or small candy, can be awarded each time.

Luck Leprechaun Game

Divide the children into pairs. Provide each pair with one gold plastic coin.
They will use their Leprechaun hats that you gave them at the beginning of the party, to toss the coin back and forth to each other. Play some Irish music while they are playing to liven things up.

Hot Potato
A traditional game of hot potato using a real potato. Play a CD of Irish music while the children pass the potato around the circle. The player holding the potato when the music stops, will be in charge of the CD player for the next round.

Play the same game using a "Blarney Stone" ( a regular old rock).

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St. Patrick's Day Movies

If you want to play a movie instead of playing games here is a list of our favorite St. Patrick's Day Movies:

Fininan’s Rainbow
Luck of the Irish(2001)
Magical Legends of Leprechauns
The Secret of Roan Inish

Feeding Your Little Leprechauns

Obviously anything green is in order for a St. Patrick's day party.
You can choose to serve a large Irish meal of Corned beef, potatoes and soda bread. However, we recommend lighter fare for a kid’s party.

  • Potato skins with melted cheese.
  • Green fruit such as grapes, kiwi, green apple, and honey dew melon, served with yogurt dip
  • Raw green vegetables such as green beans, celery and cucumber, served with dip.
  • Cheese sandwiches or quesadillas cut with a shamrock cookie cutter.
  • Green Jell-O Jigglers or green gelatin, topped with marshmallows.
  • Pour the gelatin into clear plastic cups before chilling.

Drinks and Treats

Lucky Lime Drinks
Put one or two small scoops of lime sherbet in a clear glass ice-cream
cup or beer mug. Pour 7Up over the sherbet. Add a dollop of whipped cream, green sugar sprinkles and a green maraschino cherry!

Irish Mint Floats
Drop two scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream into a glass beer mug. Pour milk over the top add a drop or two of green food coloring.
Top with whipped cream and green sugar sprinkles.
Peppermint Candy Shake
You'll Need:
2 1/2 cups vanilla ice cream
1/4 cup milk
1/2 cup Peppermint Pattie bars, or Junior Mints cut into pieces

Place candy pieces and place into the freezer for 15 minutes.
Combine all ingredients in the blender and blend on medium speed for 30 seconds. Stir with a spoon and blend for 30 more seconds. Repeat until desired consistency is reached.
For a thicker shake, place blended milkshake into freezer for a few minutes.
Top with whipped cream and more mint candy pieces on top.

Shamrock Cupcakes
These cupcakes are so easy; the kids can decorate the entire
batch with minimal assistance. Your party guests will enjoy making
these as an additional activity.

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Pot of Gold Craft and Party Favor

They say at the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold.
Make these little pots for a party favor or place settings.

You'll need:
small terracotta pots
gold acrylic paint
gold wire ribbon or Chenille stem
hot glue gun
green "Easter grass"
gold foil wrapped chocolate coins

A Good Luck Party Favor

Send each guest home with a lucky green carnation. Use your computer
to generate Irish Blessing notes, that you'll tie to each carnation.
Your children can make the green carnations a day or two before the party. Simply place white carnations in water with several drops of green food color added. Like magic, the next day the flowers will be green!

For more ideas for St Patrick's Day you can peep in here.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Birthday Balloons!!

Vibrant, stunning, colorful, joy, happiness and much more all clustered into one!! Yes, what else could that be other than those multihued clusters of bright looking balloons, a perfect Birthday ensemble, Isn’t it? To me, balloons are fun, frolic and fantasy, the ideal party maker!! It sets the mood and the tone of the party. It can be coordinated with the theme and the color scheme can be synchronized accordingly!! Kudos to Michael Faraday who gifted us with this wonderful invention in the 1880’s.

Balloons were initially made of dried animal bladder but modern day balloons can be made from materials like rubber, latex, chloroprene or a nylon fabric.The party balloons are mostly made out of natural latex tapped out of rubber trees.The circular balloons are the most commonly known to us but now you get balloons with diverse shapes and sizes to perk up the party. The most loved ones are the heart shaped and cartoon character ones!! Now you can jus go ahead and look up for some cool and funky looking ones here.

Mylar balloons are a milestone to the adult birthdays. Whether it’s a 16th birthday, 18th birthday or 21st birthday, these balloons are an absolute daze. They are great as gifts on a birthday along with a teddy bear to add wonder are much sought after!!

Here are some awesome ecards that you can send on Birthdays with lovely lovely Balloons in them in case you are too far to send them the real ones.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Sobriety Birthday

“Foul is fair, fair is foul” said by the one and only Shakespeare. Boozing might be heaven for you but at the same time poison for others. It is simply because your life partner is too irritated with your alcoholic machismo and your friends are bored with your gibberish that you utter while deep intoxication. You may feel absolutely wonderful, the ruler of the entire world amazingly and flying in the air to cherish your addiction, but as soon as it gets over you feel absolutely disgusting because you dizzily remember all the stupid, obnoxious things you have done with them whom you love and without whom your life would be simply miserable.

If you love to booze and sometimes lose control over yourself, its high time buddy. Either you should stop getting over drunk or you should stop irritating others simply showing them your restlessness without alcohol. Now I know this is not an easy task. You have lots of trouble to leave boozing. One need immense moral support as well as intense mental strength to cope up with the physical trauma.
A sobriety birthday is an concept keeping in mind the thought of your addiction. Sober Recovery lists hundreds of addiction treatment and alcoholism treatment resources in the U.S., Canada, and Overseas. Prescription pill detox, Rapid opiate detox clinics using Suboxone and Subutex, medically-managed detoxification, and help and information for heroin, cocaine, alcohol, and crystal meth treatment programs.

On Sobriety Birthday !
Congratulate your friend/ colleague/ loved one on this special day.
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If you want to stop abusing drugs and alcohol you must have options. Inpatient Residential, Day-Treatment, Outpatient and both 12 Step Programs or 12 Step Alternatives exist and for every individual, there is a way to get sober and stay sober. Young Adults and Troubled Teens don't have to hit the bottom some of us hit. Today there are programs for troubled teens, wilderness camps, and schools for teenagers struggling with early addiction. There are institutions for quick recovery which urges your as well as your family members' active participation to become sober as soon as possible.

The term “sobriety” In neuro-linguistic programming, sobriety is the state of not acting out in an addiction. Drug addicts often say they are sober when they are willing to stop acting out in personal bottom-line addictive behavior on a daily basis. Though the term “Sobriety Birthday” is mainly used for the birthdays of them who either possess the habit to get boozed or people who are trying to recover from it very urgently. In neuro-linguistic programming, sobriety is the state of not acting out in an addiction. Drug addicts often say they are sober when they are willing to stop acting out in personal bottom-line addictive behavior on a daily basis.

Congratulations !
A warm 'Sobriety Birthday' ecard for your friend/ loved one.
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In order to celebrate a Sobriety Birthday with them who have sincerely helped you to stop drinking and recovering your health as soon as possible, it is a golden opportunity for you to gift them you gratitude by a fabulous treat and a great party. Most of the time people around you are happier than yourself and they themselves throw a party and bring the most wanted gifts for which you can even start hating your alcoholism. For sobriety birthday bash the typical routined party schedule is no longer in. To make something different, you can call all the friends whom you like to meet for so long and people who hated your boozing and henceforth stopped getting in touch with you. You can also invite your mates with whom you have struggled together to cope up with your alcoholism and have helped each other during intoxication.

The celebration of Sobriety gets additional color when your soul mate gift you the most missed and relieving hug and a unforgettable kiss on your chin because in that way welcoming you towards a new dawn of life will strengthen you to take the oath to never drink again.

Happy Layers Of Recovery !
Wish your loved one as he/ she celebrates this special day.

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Birthday Gifts For Your Boss

O My God! Its Boss's Birthday! So you get to know at the eleventh hour? It happens when you are sheerly afraid of your boss and start off stammering whenever he or she calls you into the chamber. But when it comes to the appreciations! You find there is no one better in this than your boss!

If your boss is a lady, there are several evergreen gifts for lofty ladies of all age:
1.Gorgeous Handbags, crystal evening bags, beautifully detailed wallets and stone studded purses.
2.Jewelery box or a jewelry set, diamond earing, platinum necklace.
3.A gracious suit, may be a leather jacket or even a coat and a scarf.
4.If she loves to read, then buy her a vividly read all time classic or even a recent nobel or booker prize winning novel.
5.You can even try to gift her a romantic movie DVD or a series of classic Hollywood movies.
6.Music lovers' all time favorite is an ipod or a stereophonic mp3 music system and even the music CD and DVD of favorite singers.
7.A cell phone is a latest choice.
8.The chocolate covered sugar coated berries are always at the top.
9.Simply a bunch of fresh and perfumed flowers add the glow.
10.A birthday greeting card is a must.

The Company Birthday Rule !
Wish your senior/ co-worker/ associate a fun day at work on his/ her special day.

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In case of gifts for male bosses, There are lots of options as well:
1.A Rawlings Big Stick, a Baseball Bat, personalized golf set or a sports kit is the best gift for men of all ages.
2.500 piece engraved poker set,
3.A fascinating leather bag and purse.
4.Classic watch, tie bar, selective jewelry for men.
5.Steak brands.
6.Digital Camera.
7.MLB Uniform Art, any oil painting of famous artists or a book on art.
8.Martini Glass set, glass gifts.
9.Grooming Lounge, an air ticket for two.
10.Choice shirts or drive gifts (accessory for your car).

You Mean A Lot...
Wish your boss/ colleague a wonderful B'day with this beautiful ecard.

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Many Happy Returns !
A classy card for your boss/ colleague.
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Lets Have Parties at Work

Office... as it seems that it is the most formal corner of the world! O ya! There is no doubt that we go to office to work. But working need not necessarily mean serious, strict and dry job shifts of eight hours a day devout of fun and enjoyment. Parties at office is always an added benefit of being a member of the corporate world! I swear, trust me, parties of bosses and colleagues bring an awesome fresh air into the clumsy busiest schedules and opens up the gates of paradise with relaxing aroma inside our desks, computers and the even inside our brains.

Birthday Celebrations Are In Full Swing !
Wish your boss/ senior/ co-worker, a fun filled birthday.

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Office Party Themes:
No one asking you to bring about a sleep over or a camp fire or even a farm house party. It has to be a formal party in order to maintain the office decorum. There are several adult birthday party themes but a pizza party or a small pinata is not at all a big deal! Themes like Rock n Roll Party, Casino Night Party or even Milestone Birthday Parties are good options. Even adult people like Poker Parties and Fiestas Themes. There are several Party Suppliers in US who take care of the office parties and always delivers great supply for exact themes.

Party Planning:
Office parties are generally planned by the Public Relation officers or the Human Resource Departments. Depending upon the ranks or post the birthday boy or the girl holds at work the schedule and invitations are made. If it is really a very very important person, then often there is a massive party and all the invitations and planning are done formally. But if this is a casual party and has been planned out without disturbing the schedule and timing and do not pursue a huge list of invitations, then it can be thrown just after the shifts get over.

Nothing's More Important !
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Food Supply:
For adults, food is one of the biggest attraction. Though age is not a bar in case of admiring food; but when it comes to the office parties food takes the center stage. Food suppliers provide foods and beverages for all sorts of party themes. If the birthday boy or girl pursue some prejudice while selecting food, there are lip smacking offers for them as well. Chinese, Thai dishes, Continental- fat free diets, exotic Spanish foods, soft ans smooth German bread, Turkish Fish sauces and Lamb curry of India, American candies, sweets and jelly bellies and chocolates of Switzerland- everything is welcome. But one thing has to be taken into consideration, that the party time and specially the dinner (people generally prefer to throw a dinner instead of a lunch not to harm the exact hours of work) do not disturb the work schedule.

It's Your Big Day !
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Celebrating Birthdays of Bosses and Colleagues

Celebrating birthdays of the colleagues and bosses at your office adds a new flavor to live life happily. It is the assurance one needs to possess during the busiest days after working so hard in this days of rat race. It peaces the mind and relives one with the realization that his or her existence has certain values for not only the friends and family but also for them with whom you share your professional life.

One fine morning you get into the office and all of a sudden the colleagues and boss, who give blunt look at you everyday are smiling. The receptionist welcomes you with gratitude and you suddenly start feeling that you are entering into Eden Garden of heaven as the king of the sovereign place. The office is well decorated with flowers that you like and everywhere there is a friendly tone, when people talk and the overwhelming gestures through hugging you is taking you to the paradise....I can go on saying long but you should get the hint at the very beginning. Yes, buddy, you are the rock star, you are the king for the day...because its your birthday.

Happy Birthday Boss !
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When it comes to the birthdays of the colleagues and bosses at office, one should remember that this is one of the rarest opportunity to impress them. If it is a birthday of the man who works under you and you are seeing that this person lacks enthusiasm to work more and have no urge to follow your instructions, you might have taken a hand with him, you might be very much disgusted with the gestures he possess, but do not leave the chance to wish him a on his birthday. Sometimes when while wishing people forget previous angst and worries. It might help to either rejuvenate the relationships by breaking the ice and at the same time it helps to get back the confidence, optimism and peace of mind.

After all wishing somebody a very happy birthday denotes that the person has some importance in some spheres of life and it also reminds the person that the world is so beautiful that he has got such good friends and colleagues that they do not forget your birthday. Your boss may be harsh at you while making mistakes or not been able to achieve targets that you are alloted, but if they are celebrating your birthday during the lunch break or at the last hours of your work schedule, it should mean a lot. There is no doubt that now a days you lose a minute means you lose a business deal, your competitors have crossed you. So in the corporate world or any kind of business or other institutions work hours are utilized as fullest as it can be. If your bosses and colleagues are taking out their busy times for celebrating your birthdays so it means you are really special for them and worth a lot in your work sphere. If your boss is giving you a party or a free treat in order to celebrate your birthday then he or she is immensely happy with your job. Possibilities of promotions and increments may soon knock at your door.

Birthdayware !
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Getting gifts and lots of wishes, being overloaded with kisses and warm hugs, pampered very much and receiving wishes from your competitors are real joys in life. Celebrating your birthdays with your bosses, colleagues do not always mean that this is the last happiest day of your life and from tomorrow onwards you will be having a great thrush from them. But celebrating your birthday along with them is a great fun. People who possess a grave misconception in their minds thinking that their bosses and colleagues are utterly frustrated and jealous over them and do not have anything else to do in their lives , this will be a good time to review their feelings and correct the misconceptions.

Birthday celebrations in office requires some arrangements. They need buffet lunches, colorful ribbons and papers, posters with smilies and glitters to decorate the boring walls and other furnitures. The surroundings might be colored with the favorite colors of the birthday boy or girl. There should be favorite flowers above the desk of the birthday boy or girl. And most importantly, there should be a very delicious huge cake over which the name of the birthday boy or girl has to be written and that has to be there along with candles and a knife of course tagged with a ribbon. The gift should be bought as according to the personal choice of the birthday boy or girl. There will be a party in one of the busiest day and the venue will be your office and trust me this birthday party will be a great fun and an unforgettable one.

Party You Tail Off !
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Friday, March 9, 2007

Belated Birthday

Oops! It is too bad to forget birthdays of loved ones, but once it is remembered then no time should be wasted to wish “belated happy birthday.” Sometimes it is hard to remember birthdays of our loved ones'. But at the eleventh hour your in built alarm clocks might exploit you, the electronic birthday memos may not be at work due to power failure or even because the battery no longer survives, the mobile phone may forget to ring at the right time only because you have switched it off or may have forget where you put that and could not find it out at present. So reminders may often cheat you but do not feel overwhelmed and worried, loved ones are always there and wish them instantly saying the person whose birthday it was, is so special for you that you took so much time to think how beautifully you should wish and what gift you should bring. That may be an excuse; but none the less that could be a sweet gesture in order to bring back the smile you are looking for in the face of the birthday boy or girl.

Missed Your B'day !
A slow but steady wish for your friends/ loved ones/ colleagues.

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Birthdays are very much significant for the person whose birthday it is and for the others as well, because this is the single day when the beloved person had seen the light of the world. We in our society live inside a nest like surrounding rescuing us all the time in the hurdles of life. We are always wrapped up with love and care with our family and friends. They are responsible to enlighten our lives with greater happiness and joy. So its our duty to remember our their birthday. May be it is our parents, brother or sister, grand parents or uncle and aunt, or even our friends, teachers or colleagues; we should never forget their birthdays. But if the mistake is been acknowledged and corrected as soon as possible then there remains no harm. So if one fine day you suddenly remember that the day before yesterday was your best friend's birthday and he or she tried to remind you through hinting gestures again and again, then my friend, you might feel sorry but do not miss the opportunity that god gifted you to wish him or her once again by reminding you about the forgotten day.

Belated birthday wishes definitely contain a card expressing that it slipped of your mind and you feel sorry from your heart. A greeting card along with the adorable gifts as per the choice of the birthday boy or girl may help you to lessen your guilt. Buy special gifts like soft toys, jeweleries, jackets, tie, bags, hats, flowers, fashionable wardrobe or foods like chocolates and cakes and sweets for foodies. Expressing your sincere apologies in absolutely lovely gestures and and cuddly manner often work unexpectedly awesome.

I Deserve It !
A heartfelt apology that's surely gonna melt the heart of your friend/ loved ones.

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There are many Uncle Podgers living around. I hope you remember the story of the silly forgetful Uncle who used to shout loudly for magazines and newspapers while sitting upon them. Actually that Uncle Podger lives inside every one of us. We forget things so easily and sometimes make embarrassment for ourselves as well as for people around. Sometimes we get scolded and punished for those while in school. While forgetting birthdays one loses the chance to enjoy the party as well as the special menu. Sometimes we scold ourselves for forgetting these kind of birthday party. But its true that when it comes to the emotions one should never play with it and should express the heart felt apology as well as the wishing message on his or her sweetheart's birthday lately but as soon as possible.

Sorry I'm Late !
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Birthdays of Parents and Grandparents

Becoming a parent means becoming someone who is equal to the creator. Because being parent means giving birth to a new life. We are born in a savage desert and that overturns as the Eden Garden by the sincere gardeners, who are named 'parents'. That is true for all. So their birthdays have to be given proper importance. We often plan surprise parties on our mom and dad's birthdays. But at the eleventh hour everything overturns because of lack of proper planning and definite decision.

While planning mom or dad's birthdays we should keep in mind about certain things. What they are fond of in case of food, in case of types of parties and also in case of selecting gift items for them. Four things to describe an ideal father are: A pillar of strength, a guardian angel, a loving husband and a doting father. Whatever their age are, dads are always very young at heart at least for their children. Efficient teacher, an ideal health expert, pragmatic decision maker, a very articulative house keeper and nurse, sometimes a very accomplished cook and a person whom we cant live without is our Mom. She have instant solutions of all our problems and we can never escape from her while lying. According to the mood and temperament of your mom you should plan out her birthday party.

After parents, our grand parents take the center stage. Every time a child is born, a grandparent is born too. Society records the child's birth, but not its grandparents. In our age when mounting economic and social pressures make it increasingly easier to split a family than to sustain one, so we often forget the source of family strength, that is our grandparents. They are also needed to be pampered and birthday is the perfect chance to ensure them the significance of their unforgettable existence for making our worlds more beautiful and fascinating.

Some cool birthday party themes to celebrate birthday of Mom or dad or grandparents are:
Mod Mom Baby Shower theme,
Wild West Party theme,
Stars & Stripes theme,
Tee Time Party theme,
Island Luau theme,
Birthday Blowout theme,
Hugs & Stitches Baby Shower theme,
John Deere theme,
Baby Clothes Baby Shower theme,
Fortieth Birthday Blowout theme.

Happy Birthday Dad !
A warm B'day wish to make your Dad feel special.

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Gifting a greeting card or sending electronic greeting card in case of staying too far is the first ordeal on parents' and grandparents' birthdays. While planning an organized ethnic birthday party some points should be never forgotten. Those are:
1.Ordering Cakes primarily and beforehand. The flavor of the cake must be according to the choice of the birthday boy or girl.
2.Candles Candles and Candles.
3.Cake toppers,
4.Birthday tree, cake stand and server,
5. Party Banners,
6.Crafts and Activity list (if any),
7.Birthday Balloons and other decorative items,
8.Dress ups (according to the party theme)

While buying gifts and chocolates and cookies one of course need expert suggestions. The absolutely everlasting gift items for grand parents and parents would be:
Strawberry Shortcake dolls, Pound puppies or digital pets, easy bake oven, romantic night out, live concerts of favorite rock star, exclusive trip to remote island, Heated Massage Mat with neck and back therapy, Digital camera,Champagne flutes, Diamond bracelet or earrings, Spa gift basket, expensive Deodorant or after shave gel, handmade personalized Photo Quilts, a cool Laptop or an i pod or simply the most favorite flowers that they adore.

Its all about sharing, caring, loving and cherishing down memory lanes, thats what grow the strength from within and retain our bondings of love and affection. From that way parents' and grandparents' birthdays are very special and adorable for ever.

For A Special Mom !
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A Special Birthday Coupon !
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Birthday Gift Ideas For All Ages

Gifts are the incredible and inseparable part of birthdays. A perfect gift is not only a matter of choice but also a matter of right guidance and the right place to shop for it. You can really make someone's birthday a memorable one with the right selection of birthday gift. Here are few ideas which offer you the ways to get the perfect birthday gift for the ones you love. Misanthropic ideas relate birthday gifts as pampering objects of humanity. But Birthday Gifts are perhaps, the simplest way to declare how important the person is for whom such wonderful gifts are been created or bought.

We love shopping, we love to receive wonderful gifts and we love be pampered in that way. Who doesn't like splurging on oneself? But there is an indefatigable appeal in receiving gifts from friends, family or secret admirers. Whats more, if the gift reaches your doorstep on the special occasion of your birthday, it symbolizes the immense love and affection people feel for you and that just makes the world a better and brighter place to live in. A gift is not valued on the basis of its price for even a rose speaks volumes. Just the emotion behind wins hearts. Gifts coming from long distance are often cast a magical and surprising spell on oneself. Birthdays are always special and it becomes more invaluable when people around you gift you their love wrapped in a velvety ribbon and glossy colorful papers.

A Day Full Of Surprises !
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In the ancient times the hand made gifts, that is handicraft like shawls, pullovers, knitted cardigans, hand made cards, pottery, flower vase, bags etc were largely used. The days have changed. And our tastes to cherish gifts also have transformed. Understanding the likes, dislikes of the birthday girl or boy and gaining an insight into their dreams and personality traits is essential. Keeping track of the latest trends, making a list of them and their prices also helps. According to survey, flowers, clothing and jewelry are the most popular birthday gifts. Flowers tops this list. Birthday cards are also wonderful gifts.

The latest trendy gift ideas are:
a) These are just of few of elegant gifts for women. From the gadget lover to the pampered princess, these are for every type of girl:
A beautiful Diamond Flower 18K White Gold Necklace,
Juicy Couture Sophie Key Charm Tote,
$75 Spa Finder Gift Certificate,
Olive plate and picks set,
cell phone backup drive,
Personalized Laser-Engraved i Pod nano 4GB - (PRODUCT) RED,
Dinner of the Month Club - 3 Months with Free Shipping,
Garden Tote Tool Set,
Bamboo Sake for Two.

A Day Bubbling With Smiles...
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b) Few of these cool gift ideas that are sure to delight any guy:
Whatever our age, most of us love shopping,
Philip's Digital Photo Frame,
Medium Personal Travel Organizer,
i Pod shuffle 1GB (Personalized w/ Laser Engraving),
$150 Spa Finder Gift Certificate,
Grill Alert Talking Remote Thermometer,
Dirty Jobs: Season 1 DVD Set,
InVoca Voice-Activated Remote Control,
Beer of the Month Club - Seasonal (4 Months) with Free Shipping,
Massaging Bed rest Pillow with Heat.

c) For sweet little chickadees we should keep in mind the temperament of fun toys and books and adorable baby clothes will be enjoyed and welcomed by babies and parents alike. Some awesome gift ideas are:
Personalized Girls Dragonfly Rocking Chair,
Birthstone Baby Bracelet,
Personalized Photo Magazine Cover - Baby,
Some Days Have Their Ups And Downs Music Box,
Train Bank by Things Remembered,
Soft bear chair,
Teddy bears and other soft toys,
Butterfly/Flower Piggy Bank.

Happy Stroller Birthday !
A fun gift for your friend/ dear one/ colleague on his/ her birthday.

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Going by statistics, men love being gifted wine, tickets to their favorite football game, or electronic devices whereas women are more into aesthetics. But that does not mean the table cant turn upside down. Giving a wonderful gift is the positive sign of your soul and energy. The adoration and admiration become explicit through the way you chose a gift for someone really special in your life.

Happy Birthday Twins

Children are gifts of god and they come from heaven. That is the common form of thinking, but when it comes to the twins it is really a god-given holiest gifts of all.
  • Birthdays are a big milestone for twins and other multiples. After all, it is one of the first things they share as they begin their life. Celebrating birthdays in a meaningful way that makes each child feel special and unique can be a challenge. Here are some suggestions to help make birthdays memorable and happy events for everyone involved.
  • Limit the number of guests. A general rule of thumb for singletons is to invite one child per year of age, for example three guests for a three-year-old, four for a four-year-old. That ratio is generally appropriate for multiples as well, although if you're ambitious and can afford to, it's not unreasonable to increase it proportionally for twins, triplets or more.
  • Ensure that parties produce happy memories for both guests and hosts by planning age-appropriate activities. Birthdays can be one of the few ways that parents of multiples actually catch a break. It is certainly easier to plan -- and pay for -- one party per year than two separate events. Professional party services will generally charge the same amount for a twin birthday party as for a single child, with perhaps a small additional fee for a second set of balloons or an additional commemorative T-shirt.
  • One of the biggest dilemmas for parents of multiples is whether to provide a separate cake for each child. Once multiples are old enough to have a preference, certainly they should determine the answer. For younger children, cupcakes are an easy solution. It is my opinion, however, that all children deserve to hear "Happy Birthday To You" sung in their honor, and that it should be delivered separately -- all the way through -- for each child.
  • Party guests and givers alike will likely wonder whether they should get separate gifts for each multiple. There is no defined protocol or easy answer; like so many issues with multiples, it all depends on the children and their personalities.
  • In some cases, a single gift that can be shared may be more fun than individual items. A board game, video, or sandbox are all examples of this type of gift. In other instances it's appropriate to give presents that are similar in category, but unique in detail, such as dolls with different attire or trucks in different colors. However, sometimes it's easier all around to just give everyone the same thing; it's one less thing to argue about!
A Very Very Happy B'day !
For your kids/ grandkids/ loved ones.
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Happy Happy Birthday To Us !
Wish your Twin on his/ her special day with this cute ecard.

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Good Things Come In Pairs !
A sweet Birthday wish for your favorite Twins.

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Kids Birthday Party Mania: 5 Steps

Party for kids are always special. Kids party always has to be packed with excitements and adventure up to its height. From the sweet little gift wraps to the tiniest ribbons on the party hall, from the decorated colorful utterly delicious birthday cake to the super cool games, dolls and toys have to be supplied until the entire toyland has strength to provide.

The most beautiful part is the food. Naughty, uncontrollable absolutely fragile kiddies will come and glitter your party with all sorts of dingy plays of childhood. They will play with cakes and creams and paint their faces with it. They will tear down all the beautiful wrappers of the gifts you bought so lovingly with their tiny little nails. They will scream with full power until your ear completely devastated. And they will create all sorts of dirt in your dining hall walls and curtains. And above all they will fight with each other and will surely conspire against you if you scold them for quarrellings. So be prepared for all sorts of hassles like these because your dining hall furnitures are going to be an eyewitnesses of the great battle of troy. O! I have already said enough to scare you. Now there are some possible solutions applying which you can prevent this fuss without harming them cute little Satans from their naughty occupation.

Step 1. When arranging party paste a colorful cartoon printed plastic wallpapers. Try to remove all the curtains and furniture covers, which are light in color. Put some dark shades on them, if possible try some synthetic nylon like material so that it will be easy for you to remove strains while washing them.

Step 2. Try out a neat plan of which come first and whats the next. You have to keep kiddies as busy as you can. They wont find any time to engage in a fight. You can either launch a theme party like sleep over, sports party, fancy dress party, little princess party or some thing like that. Try to plan out as much programmers as possible.

Step 3. This is the most effective step of the lot. Plan your kid's party at a distant place. It could be a countryside, farmhouse, could be a hilly region where your baby loves to go and play hither and thither. Sometimes we travel alone but when comes to birthdays kids generally wish to enjoy it with friends. So invite all the children on the previous day and then start for the destination in a car or a bus. You can even plan out a forest camp fire. If your kid is a teenager and loves adventure, it will be an ideal choice.

Step 4. This is a step way out from your house and kids are often enthusiastic for this. If you and your family shares a social working bent of mind then plan it with your kid to spend the birthday in a old age home with the universal grandma and grandpas. These people are deserted from their family. They need your love not only sympathy and kids are often very emotional about these issues. So charity per se if one feels like doing that nothing is better than this. You can even spend the day with destitute children or in any physically retarded foundations. Truly, no plan is comparable with charity. This also enhances the sense of society and responsibility as a citizen in the soft hearts of the children.

Step 5. Invite all the family friends and of course family members whom the kid simply adores. Kids specially they who grow up alone with mom and dad miss their grandma-grandpa and uncle-aunts and the cousins a lot. So invite all of them. Make big lists and delicious menu. They will all come and meet each other after long time and this may increase the sense of bonding as well as love among the family members. This is very important for a healthy child's mind.

A Li'l Angel Wish...
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Zoom Off To Fun !
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Biggest And Warmest Hug !
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