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Birthday Flowers: Their Significances

Wishing someone on birthday with his or her favorite flowers holds the fact that the person wishing is quite acquainted with the choice and temperament of the birthday boy or girl. The color and perfume of fresh flowers adds color to the satisfaction and has an enticing effect in the mind of the the person whose birthday celebration is taking place.
According to the time (month wise) of birthday the significance of the flowers change. For example:
January: Snowdrop, Carnation.
February: Primrose.
March: Violet.
April: Sweet Pea, Daisy.
May: Hawthorn, Lily of the Valley.
June: Rose.
July: Water Lily.
August: Poppy, Gladiolus.
September: Morning-Glory.
October: Calendula.
November: Chrysanthemum
December: Holly, Narcissus.

Happiness Blooms !
A beautiful wish for your friends/ family/ colleagues/ loved ones.

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Gifting loved ones with their favorite flowers on their birthday requires much patience sometimes. So first one has to be sure of what he or she actually wants to reveal in a subtle style through the vibrant colored flowers. Birthdays can be made more romantic and sensational if one really pursues the idea about the meaning one particular gentle flower signify. The list will give you an idea of the message behind most of the major flowers available today. Along with it, you'll win some points for knowing the meaning behind the flower and conveying it to him or her in a card or thought. For Example:

Acacia: Friendship; Concealed love.
Allium: Unity; Humility; Patience.
Ambrosia: Reciprocated Love.
Aster: Love.
Bluebell: Everlasting love.
Buttercup: Childishness.
Cactus: Endurance.
Camellia: Gratitude.
Carnation: Devoted to you.
Chrysanthemum: Friendship; Loyalty; Wealth.
Daffodil: Unconditional love.
Dahlia: Elegance.
Daisy: Pure love and loyalty; Innocence.
Fern: Sincerity.
Fleur de Lis: Passion.
Forget Me Not: Hope; Memories.
Gloxinia: Love at first sight.
Hibiscus: Beauty; Delicate beauty.
Ivy: Affection; Fidelity.
Lilac: First love.
Lily (calla): Beauty.
Magnolia: Nobility.
Oleander: Grace.
Orange Blossom: Purity: Everlasting Love.
Orchid: Love; Beauty; Refinement.
Rose (red): I love you.
Rose (pink): Grace; Happiness.
Rose (yellow): Friendship.
Rose (white): Innocence; Charm.
Rose (peach, orange): Desire.
Rose (long stemmed): Always.
Rose (short): Sweetheart.
Roses (assorted): You're everything to me.
Roses (full bloom): I still love you.
Rosebud: Youth.
Sunflower: Pride.
Tulip: Perfect lover.
Violet: Virtue.
Water Lily: Purity of heart and spirit.

Flowers For Your Friend !
Send the yellow roses... A symbol of friendship to your buddy/ pal/ friend/ dear one on his/ her birthday.

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Birthday wish along with a fresh and vibrant flower bouquet spread an fragrant spell into the atmosphere. It not only whispers the innate message that sometimes you hesitate to speak out openly in public but also emphasize the warmth that you feel from your heart. People often do not get much time to get the most beautifully designed bouquet at the right time and right place. Flower Delivery Networks of Proflower, Floraqueen are one of the hottest choice of traditional as well as modern people. The fashionable bouquets that you can find at the flower shops right beside your door are
Bouquet Their significance
Red Roses and Hugs Bouquet: Display your sweet and tender side and surprise your special friend.
Pastels Bouquet: An ideal gift for mothers, wives, aunts or just friends.
Taste of the Tropics Basket: Bring a hint of the tropics with this vibrant mixture flora .
Striking Sunflower Bouquet: Bring a little sunshine to someone special with this bouquet.
Sunshine & Smiles Bouquet: Put a smile on someone’s face.
Super Surprise Bouquet: Send a surprise bouquet by giving an open price.
Cheery Morning Bouquet: This lovely assortment of orange and yellow flowers.
Autumnal Orange Elegance: If you are seeking a really breathtaking floral gift, look no further.
Valentines Classic Bouquet: There are a multitude of good reasons for buying the one you love.
Precious Purity: Let that special someone know you would give them the moon.
Fragrant Radiance Bouquet: Flora queen's Fragrant Radiance is a gorgeous seasonal flowers.

After all its all about to see the bright happy and cheerful face of him or her whose birthday you are celebrating. Floral presentation of your feelings and gratitudes that you want to express would help you to stress upon the fact that without the presence of him or her in your life, your life would not have been as beautiful as it is now.

Many Many Happy Returns...
Wish a very happy B'day to your friends/ loved ones/ acquaintances.
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For Someone Special !
A warm and heartfelt Birthday wish for your sweetheart/ friend/ loved one to make him/ her bloom with joy.

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A Beautiful Blossom !
Send this cute, warm, 'Birthday Flower' ecard to your son/ daughter/ niece/ nephew/ grandchild/ cousin/ sibling/ family/ loved one.

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Squirting Birthday Flowers !
Play a B'day prank on your friend/ bro/ sis/ loved one on his/ her birthday and wish 'em with this fun ecard.

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