Monday, March 26, 2007

Belated Happy Birthday!!

Belated birthday wishes, though it comes in a li’l late but is still much awaited and special at times!! May be sometime you tend to get a li’l upset as you expect your loved ones to remember you on your special days. But life’s tough, so much commitments to keep and many more to forget!! To expect something in itself is a big expectation!! And if you genuinely forget to wish someone on their Birthday you can call up to say sorry, and your friends are bound to forget and forgive coz that’s what friends are for!!

But I guess remembering someone’s Birthday isn’t that difficult anymore, especially with the new attributes like Birthday Reminders launched by various websites. Once
you enter the name and date of birth, the mails keep flowing to your mail boxes each day reminding you that you need to wish that special person today!! These have made our lives so much easier. You can also maintain your own li’l calendar which you check each morning!!

A way to get away from all misunderstandings and unpleasant feelings is the e cards, just a click away. When you are too busy to lift your phone, they are the best possible solutions. They come real handy. That’s my secret of keeping in touch!!

Send this eCard !

Send this eCard !

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