Monday, March 12, 2007

Lets Have Parties at Work

Office... as it seems that it is the most formal corner of the world! O ya! There is no doubt that we go to office to work. But working need not necessarily mean serious, strict and dry job shifts of eight hours a day devout of fun and enjoyment. Parties at office is always an added benefit of being a member of the corporate world! I swear, trust me, parties of bosses and colleagues bring an awesome fresh air into the clumsy busiest schedules and opens up the gates of paradise with relaxing aroma inside our desks, computers and the even inside our brains.

Birthday Celebrations Are In Full Swing !
Wish your boss/ senior/ co-worker, a fun filled birthday.

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Office Party Themes:
No one asking you to bring about a sleep over or a camp fire or even a farm house party. It has to be a formal party in order to maintain the office decorum. There are several adult birthday party themes but a pizza party or a small pinata is not at all a big deal! Themes like Rock n Roll Party, Casino Night Party or even Milestone Birthday Parties are good options. Even adult people like Poker Parties and Fiestas Themes. There are several Party Suppliers in US who take care of the office parties and always delivers great supply for exact themes.

Party Planning:
Office parties are generally planned by the Public Relation officers or the Human Resource Departments. Depending upon the ranks or post the birthday boy or the girl holds at work the schedule and invitations are made. If it is really a very very important person, then often there is a massive party and all the invitations and planning are done formally. But if this is a casual party and has been planned out without disturbing the schedule and timing and do not pursue a huge list of invitations, then it can be thrown just after the shifts get over.

Nothing's More Important !
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Food Supply:
For adults, food is one of the biggest attraction. Though age is not a bar in case of admiring food; but when it comes to the office parties food takes the center stage. Food suppliers provide foods and beverages for all sorts of party themes. If the birthday boy or girl pursue some prejudice while selecting food, there are lip smacking offers for them as well. Chinese, Thai dishes, Continental- fat free diets, exotic Spanish foods, soft ans smooth German bread, Turkish Fish sauces and Lamb curry of India, American candies, sweets and jelly bellies and chocolates of Switzerland- everything is welcome. But one thing has to be taken into consideration, that the party time and specially the dinner (people generally prefer to throw a dinner instead of a lunch not to harm the exact hours of work) do not disturb the work schedule.

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