Monday, March 12, 2007

Birthday Gifts For Your Boss

O My God! Its Boss's Birthday! So you get to know at the eleventh hour? It happens when you are sheerly afraid of your boss and start off stammering whenever he or she calls you into the chamber. But when it comes to the appreciations! You find there is no one better in this than your boss!

If your boss is a lady, there are several evergreen gifts for lofty ladies of all age:
1.Gorgeous Handbags, crystal evening bags, beautifully detailed wallets and stone studded purses.
2.Jewelery box or a jewelry set, diamond earing, platinum necklace.
3.A gracious suit, may be a leather jacket or even a coat and a scarf.
4.If she loves to read, then buy her a vividly read all time classic or even a recent nobel or booker prize winning novel.
5.You can even try to gift her a romantic movie DVD or a series of classic Hollywood movies.
6.Music lovers' all time favorite is an ipod or a stereophonic mp3 music system and even the music CD and DVD of favorite singers.
7.A cell phone is a latest choice.
8.The chocolate covered sugar coated berries are always at the top.
9.Simply a bunch of fresh and perfumed flowers add the glow.
10.A birthday greeting card is a must.

The Company Birthday Rule !
Wish your senior/ co-worker/ associate a fun day at work on his/ her special day.

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In case of gifts for male bosses, There are lots of options as well:
1.A Rawlings Big Stick, a Baseball Bat, personalized golf set or a sports kit is the best gift for men of all ages.
2.500 piece engraved poker set,
3.A fascinating leather bag and purse.
4.Classic watch, tie bar, selective jewelry for men.
5.Steak brands.
6.Digital Camera.
7.MLB Uniform Art, any oil painting of famous artists or a book on art.
8.Martini Glass set, glass gifts.
9.Grooming Lounge, an air ticket for two.
10.Choice shirts or drive gifts (accessory for your car).

You Mean A Lot...
Wish your boss/ colleague a wonderful B'day with this beautiful ecard.

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Many Happy Returns !
A classy card for your boss/ colleague.
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