Thursday, March 8, 2007

7 Different Ways to Wish Happy Birthday

i)First, set an alarm to your clock or electronic alarming system, that you don't forget the correct time, which is just after 12 o' clock in night. If the birthday boy or girl is your family member then set a ring tone on the song of “Happy Birthday To You...” and that should ring at the right time at the right place.

ii)Surprise birthday wishes come in various ways. Call the person before two or three days of his or her birthday and say gibberish. Give blank calls. So that he or she will be furious. Take his or her name and make fun of it. Add jokes and all sorts of cranks. And on the final day reveal yourself with a surprise gift.

iii)If the the person is a teenager then don't perturb him or her much but wish Happy Birthday as simply as possible. If this is an middle-age person, then you can try to act like a carefree forgetful buddy. And fill his or her bed with gifts and cover them with the bed linen, so when he or she will be at a loss that no one remembers his or her birthday and will go to sleep, will get a complete blast. This may make the person very happy. Then gladly get inside the bedroom and wish with the holiest words.

iv)If it is a kid and is irritating you for a long time for a toy or a doll, buy him or her that but don't gift it until or unless he or she comes at the verge of wondering why you are not gifting. After enough trail he or she will give up. Then cuddling him, kissing him gift the loveliest thing to him.

v)While wishing the special person of life, you may try this out. Cast an irritating eye on him or her. Take out faults from each smallest things and simply make him or her mad. Then as soon as the birth date progresses change your behavior and say sorry a hundred times. There may be no logic. But try this out this is funny, because he or she will furious thinking about your sudden change. On the very day make him or her realize that you earnestly need to spend together in solitude for some times. Take him or her to the place one longs to travel.

vi)Teenagers often like parties more than any other gifts, so throw a theme party on his or her birthday. Sky writing is no longer an in thing. You can try beautiful greeting cards and buckets. These are life time things.

vii)The most simple but fruitful way is just gift him or her a champagne and a bunch of roses or any other favorite flowers. And hugging him or her wish a very happy birthday.

viii)You can enter in his or her room in disguise and bully the person as long as he or she can take it. Then gradually while wishing open your make-up.

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