Friday, March 9, 2007

Kids Birthday Party Mania: 5 Steps

Party for kids are always special. Kids party always has to be packed with excitements and adventure up to its height. From the sweet little gift wraps to the tiniest ribbons on the party hall, from the decorated colorful utterly delicious birthday cake to the super cool games, dolls and toys have to be supplied until the entire toyland has strength to provide.

The most beautiful part is the food. Naughty, uncontrollable absolutely fragile kiddies will come and glitter your party with all sorts of dingy plays of childhood. They will play with cakes and creams and paint their faces with it. They will tear down all the beautiful wrappers of the gifts you bought so lovingly with their tiny little nails. They will scream with full power until your ear completely devastated. And they will create all sorts of dirt in your dining hall walls and curtains. And above all they will fight with each other and will surely conspire against you if you scold them for quarrellings. So be prepared for all sorts of hassles like these because your dining hall furnitures are going to be an eyewitnesses of the great battle of troy. O! I have already said enough to scare you. Now there are some possible solutions applying which you can prevent this fuss without harming them cute little Satans from their naughty occupation.

Step 1. When arranging party paste a colorful cartoon printed plastic wallpapers. Try to remove all the curtains and furniture covers, which are light in color. Put some dark shades on them, if possible try some synthetic nylon like material so that it will be easy for you to remove strains while washing them.

Step 2. Try out a neat plan of which come first and whats the next. You have to keep kiddies as busy as you can. They wont find any time to engage in a fight. You can either launch a theme party like sleep over, sports party, fancy dress party, little princess party or some thing like that. Try to plan out as much programmers as possible.

Step 3. This is the most effective step of the lot. Plan your kid's party at a distant place. It could be a countryside, farmhouse, could be a hilly region where your baby loves to go and play hither and thither. Sometimes we travel alone but when comes to birthdays kids generally wish to enjoy it with friends. So invite all the children on the previous day and then start for the destination in a car or a bus. You can even plan out a forest camp fire. If your kid is a teenager and loves adventure, it will be an ideal choice.

Step 4. This is a step way out from your house and kids are often enthusiastic for this. If you and your family shares a social working bent of mind then plan it with your kid to spend the birthday in a old age home with the universal grandma and grandpas. These people are deserted from their family. They need your love not only sympathy and kids are often very emotional about these issues. So charity per se if one feels like doing that nothing is better than this. You can even spend the day with destitute children or in any physically retarded foundations. Truly, no plan is comparable with charity. This also enhances the sense of society and responsibility as a citizen in the soft hearts of the children.

Step 5. Invite all the family friends and of course family members whom the kid simply adores. Kids specially they who grow up alone with mom and dad miss their grandma-grandpa and uncle-aunts and the cousins a lot. So invite all of them. Make big lists and delicious menu. They will all come and meet each other after long time and this may increase the sense of bonding as well as love among the family members. This is very important for a healthy child's mind.

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